1) Workshop: Cultural Awareness & Understanding

Through Ruby’s first hand travels experienced she has learned, documented various cultural difference and traditions. Ruby has also worked with individuals, groups, organisations world wide. She has been giving workshops around the world since 1999. The workshop has been given in tourism colleges, groups in the legal profession and tourist guides from around the world.

Who would benefit from these workshops:

  • Groups not exposed to multiculturalism
  • People working in the travel and tourism industry
  • Professionals wanting to expand and understand cultural awareness

The workshop is 2 to 3 hours consisting of :

  • Introduction
  • Cultural differences in greetings and doing business
  • Hand gestures
  • Body language
  • Gift giving
  • Language, words and expressions
  • Topics that should or should not be discussed
  • Facial expressions
  • When you are being hosted in another country or culture
  • When you are hosting guests from another culture or country
  • Men and women: what is appropriate or not appropriate

The workshop is interactive, with practical exercises and discussions. Everyone is asked to contribute and compare. Everyone is asked to explain situations they have encountered. How to react in situations to feel comfortable or make guests feel comfortable

90 minutes to 2 hours: $350
3 to 3.5 hours: $500

*Travel expenses not included

2) Workshop or Presentation: Ruby’s Travel Experience

Ruby travels fearlessly to countries that some might not necessarily venture on their own, let alone live, work and study.

Ruby is an expert on travel to Egypt, and the surrounding countries, like India. For most of her life she has travelled alone. She has lived alone in several countries to learn dance, language, art, culture, collecting nomadic jewelry and photograph. What are the secrets to a travelling alone?

A workshop filled with enthusiasm, great anecdotes, stories with helpful hints to encourage travelers both men and women to travel solo. It will include packing suggestions, how to budget, know what to buy and where. The workshop is interactive with situations that one could face travelling as well as finding solutions.

90 minutes to 2 hours: $150

3) Workshop: Express Better Presentations Skills

  • Have you been thrown at the last minute to give a presentation?
  • Are you a sales person who is great at sales but would like to improve your presentations skills with some quick tips?
  • Do you find you fidget?
  • Does your voice squeak?
  • Do your use ah ah while searching for something to say? Learn how to pause.
  • Do you find yourself out of breath?
  • Are you nervous in front of a micro phone ?
  • Trying to find a way to break the ice or command the audience you are addressing?
  • Don’t have time for classes or long workshops and would you like to do it on your time?

Then this workshop is for you. The workshop can be given privately, in small groups or up to 30 people.

Ruby will share her nearly 25 years experience of public speaking and guiding experience to help you with your presentations in front of an audience from 5 to 10,000 people. Workshop will include practical exercises on how to use your voice, face, hands voice to get your message across. Learn how to keep audiences attention for the full time you are speaking. If you are asked to give a presentation with little preparation time, she will show you how to mentally prepare this stressful situation. Afraid of speaking in front of a camera or radio, learn the tricks to have control of the situation.

90 minutes to 2 hours: $150
3 hours: $300