Media Services

Film Crews

Ruby is also a photographer and has studied cinema which have added to her understanding of the needs of film crews. Her knowledge of photography and her city has made her the go-to person, demand working with film crews. Ruby has also documented through photography the best light and locations for shooting. Having created a handbook on the subject. She conducts photography tours of Montréal.

As a public speaker and professional guide she is comfortable in front of the camera. She has done voice over’s and stand ups for productions in several languages.  She has worked on numerous press trips, with SATW, in the press rooms for MPI, President’s Club Golf and many other occasions.

Ruby has worked for the Amazing Race, the BBC, Australian, European, USA and Canadian productions.

Film Crew Services

  • Facilitator for film crews
  • Scouting locations assistance
  • Preparing hosts with information for programme
  • Stand up- Pieces to camera or sound bites or voices over
  • Intermediate with locals when shooting
  • Locations for photographers
  • Helping journalist with story ideas
  • Help bloggers and social media specialist with unique experiences
  • Professional Licensed Guide Services
  • Assisting with local to interview or speak to who are great on camera
  • Assistance with sources for story idea
  • Knowledge of locations where permits for film or photograph are required
  • Drive film crew and photographer

Please take note that filming permits from the City of Montréal are required

$250 minimum 4 hours — Additional hours $45
$400 rate for 8 hours — Additional hours $45