How to survive peak high season (aka) the crazy season!

The crazy season is upon us in Montréal, as it is every September and October. Many believe that the busiest time for professional tourist guides and tours managers who travel with the groups we guide locally, is in July and […]

About my profession: freelance tourist guide

Nearly all professional tourist guides are self employed, free lance and are not the employees of any organisations or company. It is entirely up to us to handle our own administrative work, preparations, research, keep up to date, and stay […]

On Excellence

It is very difficulty to have people understand what I do for a living or why. They can’t understand why I work seven days a week, have never had a weekend off, work on long weekends and holidays. They don’t […]

Fabulous Jean-Talon Market

My father bought the house I still live in today because of the Jean-Talon Market. We buy 98% of our produce from there. My earliest memory of the market was when I was about 4 or 5 years old when […]