Private Customised Culinary Foodie Tours

In 1994, I began incorporating food related stops in my tours because as life long traveler, this was always one of the most important part of travel for me. To learn about the flavours of the place you are visiting always made that area come alive.

The Jean-Talon Market (the largest year-round open-air market in North America) has been part of my daily life since childhood. My father would take me with him four times a week to pick up what we needed. My whole family loves to cook, including myself. Having been brought up in Montréal, a food mecca, ang growing up in a multicultural family with friends with diverse background, I was exposed to different flavours and foods at an early age. I live in a neighbourhood where we share what we grow in our gardens, make wine together with the market being the focal part of life.

My extensive travel world wide has also exposed me to a rich food culture. In my travels I exchange with colleagues, foodie specialist and foodie tour specialist… which has enriched my knowledge incredibly.

With a wealth of restaurants which are easy to find and easy to explore and discover on your own, I will not make stops to meet great chefs, or stop in restaurants. However, this can be arranged as well if you would like to. Rather I am going to bring you to the soul of food in Montréal. The small, family run business, tiny places you probably would not find yourself.

Over the years, I began creating several unique, Montréal’s neighbourhoods’ tours through food with these because we have such a wealth in some specialty delicacies.

1) Introductory Discovery Culinary Tour

Since 1997, this tour is a customized culinary discovery tour of some of Montréal’s extra ordinary food culture spots. A casual relaxed tour full of unusual anecdotes, which will include stops to taste according to season. Stops will include one of the four city run year round markets. Montréal multicultural richness, the wealth of the fertile lands, abundance in dairy production, apples and of course maple products.

Tastings will be included in this tour. The tour can be customized to your dietary restrictions whenever possible.

  • 4 hours driving
  • 5 hours using public transportation and walking
  • 6 hours by bike

2) Ruby’s Unique Chocolate Tour

Why Chocolate? Who does not love velvety dark chocolate… hummmm!

Montréal is blessed with a variety of chocolate makers and supecialty chocolate sellers. Some that have been around for a long time and other are new. One thing they all have in common is there love for chocolate and Montréal. As the chocolates made are season it will depend on the time of the year. We will discover the best brownies, hot chocolate, fresh blue berries dipped in dark chocolate, maple and chocolate, dark bread with cranberry and dark chocolate and mouth watering chocolate ice creams. The tastings will be entirely up to guests, their tastes and budgets. Ruby knows which ones you will not be able to resist…

  • 3 hours driving
  • 5 hours using public transportation and walking

3) Bakeries and Pastry Discovery Tour

There are so many wonderful, unknown bakeries and pastry shops in Montréal specialising in French, Italian, Portugese, Egyptian, Indian, Lebanese, Syrian, Chinese and much more… baked goods and sweets… Each one has regional specialites, some items are only made on special occasions… Montréal is known for the quality of it breads.

This tour will include several stops to taste. Where to find extra ordinary mini canolis, mille-feuilles, dark breads, natas, croissants, baguettes and more. Offered in the morning only when the bakeries are full of choices.

  • 3 hours driving
  • 5 hours using public transportation and walking

4) Montréal’s Specialty Ice Cream Tour

(From June untill September only)

The artisanal ice cream, gelato spots are located in fantastic and unique Montréal neighbourhoods. We travel long distances and wait patiently for a morsel of these wonder Montréal delights. Ice cream, gelato, granita, sorbets with uniquely Montréal flavours are hard to resist. Learn about the importance of Québec’s dairy industry as well as the locals whose passion is ice cream.

  • The tour can be 4 to 8 hours
  • The tour can be both on foot, using public transportation or with private vehicule

5) Montréal Cheese Specialities Tour

Cheese and Montréal go well together. This tour will discover Montréal neighbourhoods while we also explore between 3 to 4 specialty cheese shops in different areas of the city. Discover some of Québec’s unique cheeses, many are prize winning. From cow, goat to sheep, our cheese traditions will surprise you.

Try some of Ruby’s favourite cheeses that will surprise you!

  • The tour can be 4 to 8 hours
  • The tour can be both on foot, using public transportation or with private vehicule

6) Multicultural Flavours of Montréal

Montréal is blessed with every possible specialty foodie related shop and restaurant from around the world. This tour will show you how Montréal’s passion for tastes include all of our cultural groups, spread out through Montréal.

Ruby’s multicultural background and having grown up with Italians, Greeks, Indians, Cantoneses, Egyptians, Lebaneses, Armenians, Africans, Ukrainians and many others taught her about these flavours with a Montréal twist. From Samos, zucchini flowers treats, Armenian flat breads, Lebanese fattoush and much more. Learn about the favourite pumpkins Montréal’s Haitian community cook with. Ever wondered what to do or make with those herbs and spices.

  • The tour can be 4 to 8 hours
  • The tour can be both on foot, using public transportation or with private vehicule

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