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On Excellence

It is very difficulty to have people understand what I do for a living or why.

They can’t understand why I work seven days a week, have never had a weekend off, work on long weekends and holidays. They don’t understand why I can’t give yes for sure as an answer when going out with friends. They don’t understand why I can’t plan a head like most people. They can’t understand why I can rarely take group classes.

What do I do for a living?

Well I free lance, am self employed, independent and I don’t know when I am going to work, for how long, where, what times, what language and what I am going to be doing.

In 1995, I knew what I was doing two to three years ahead of time in my travel work. I knew by March and April what I was doing during the season in Montréal. I knew what trips I would be on, what countries.

Despite all the obstacles, challenges, hurdles, despite the frustrations at times of being asked to do things for amounts which make no sense at all.  I still love what I do, like the industries I am in because there are so many fanatic people that I work with, work for, have managed to team up with, who understand the importance of excellence. They too want the best for their guests, clients, media as I do. The partners whom I work with know the value of superb memorable service and that is why we work together, and we work so well.

What we understand is…

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