Fabulous Jean-Talon Market


No problem taking photographs of produce but please ask if you want the farmer and producers in your photos. Photos of children and the children from the day care centres is not allowed, nor inside small shops unless you ask for permission.

Other markets

Montréal has three other city run markets and this is one of them.

The City also has local markets in neighbourhoods such as the one near the University of Montréal, or downtown. There are also pop up markets in parks and neighbourhoods with the same products sold at the markets (what many call farmers markets). We also have fruxis. Which are pedal powered fruit and veggie sellers that go door to door.

This market is where many chefs in Montréal get their produce, people driver from Vermont, Ontario and the South and North Shore to by their produce here (usually arriving by car).

Many people think that this is a better market to the Atwater but what they don’t know is the vocation of the Atwater market is the largest flower market in North America. They still have local products, but their speciality is flowers and the variety of their butchers as well as cheese, sausages with a different demographics.

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